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how do I integrate the HI-5

Our set at the last shoot.
Sony Venice2 last update V2.0, RIA-1 last update sw 1.21, HI-5 last update 1.3 Radio Modul 2400 Mhz
- License downloaded from the Arri homepage
- installed on the HI-5
on the camera
- 3sec Menu button hold
- technical button
- Special Configuration button
- switch RM / RCP to on
!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!
every time you switch to a different mode, a factory reset will be performed which will destroy all your settings.
Before that, save everything on the SD card.

now you can make your settings on the HI-5.
- ND
- WB
- Fps
- shutter
- playback
!!!!!!!!! Attention !!!!!!!!!!!!!
you can't adjust anything on the camera except
- from 800 ISO to dual 3200 ISO and back
- ND
also the camera only shows the gain and not the EI like the HI-5

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